Why Gumotex?

We have unique know-how and technology in the field.


Almost everyone knows our GUMOTEX inflatable boats. They have been manufactured in the Czech Republic for 60 years now and in this time they have built a reputation of being very high quality boats with a service life that can be purchased for reasonable prices. We have unique know-how and technology in this field.

1. The boats are manufactured by hand and each boat is carefully inspected – quality testing is 100%.

2. We make our own materials from which the boats are manufactured. So we have control over the entire boat manufacturing process.

3. We guarantee you the quality of our boats and offer a guarantee and post-guarantee service.4. We will also help you choose a boat to best meet your needs.

4. We will also help you choose a boat to best meet your needs.


  • TRADITION- GUMOTEX has been manufacturing boats for 60 years now!
  • EXPERIENCE - We have our own research and development led by a team of professionals!
  • QUALITY - Quality system of GUMOTEX, a.s. complies with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009!
  • SECURITY - One of the most important qualities of our products is the high degree of safety!
  • SERVICE LIFE - We ensure the high quality and long service life of the material!
  • TESTING - The boats are tested even in extreme conditions!
  • INNOVATION - GUMOTEX sets the trend of the inflatable boat market!
  • SATISFACTION - We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide!


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