Gold for the THAYA Kayak: The New Czech Kayak Appraised by Global Experts

The new THAYA kayak from GUMOTEX is the new king of inflatable boats. From the largest European watersports trade fair traditionally held in German Nuremberg, the Thaya arrived home to the Czech Republic with gold medal aboard. The new product took first place in the Paddlesport Product of the Year Awards. It impressed the jury with its new technology that delivers perfect stability, improves driving characteristics and is environmentally friendly.


NATURAL RUBBER – a Natural Treasure from the Jungle

If you browsed our website, you might be at least a fan of paddling sports and inflatable boats are probably well-known products to you. However, few people know that the company GUMOTEX produces its boats from the materials that are not made from PVC but from natural or synthetic rubber.


My companion HALIBUT

An inflatable fishing kayak that brings a new dimension to fishing. Now you can enjoy fishing even in poorly accessible and remote locations. German fisherwoman Babs Kijewski tests it for long term, how is she satisfied?

Babs Kijewski, Babora Robková