Why GUMOTEX Boats & Outdoor?

We have unique know-how and technology in the field.

Almost everybody knows GUMOTEX inflatable boats. They have been manufactured in the Czech Republic for almost 70 years, during which time they have gained a reputation for being high quality, durable boats that are produced with respect for the environment.

  1. The boats are not made of PVC - natural rubber is the basic building block.
  2. Each boat is handmade and carefully checked - 100% quality testing in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009.
  3. We manufacture the material from which our boats are made. In this way, we maintain full control over the entire boat production process, whereby the focus is on high quality and the durability of the materials used.
  4. We guarantee the quality of our boats and offer warranty and post-warranty servicing.
  5. As required, we can also provide advice on the boat that best suits your requirements.


COMFORTABLE AND WELL DESIGNED SEATING POSITIONS AND SPACING. We design our boats to provide everyone with comfort and enough space all around. In addition to nobody kicking you in the back, you will also get the necessary paddle handling space.

NO SHIPWRECKS. Boats are made of highly durable material. Each of them contains at least 3 air chambers. If an accident occurs, because of one air chambre discharging, the remaining two air chambers will keep you safe above the waterline.

YOU CAN EASILY TRANSPORT THE PACKED BOAT; IT FITS INTO THE CAR BOOT AND UNDER THE BED. Most of our boats are supplied in a waterproof backpack to load on your back as you set off on your adventure. With every step you take you’ll appreciate the reduced weight of our canvas rubber boats, compared to PVC.

WE MANUFACTURE RUBBER BOATS – THEY ARE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND EASY TO REPAIR. One of the basic production materials of the boat is found between bark and wood of the para rubber tree. The boats are very durable due to great natural features and synthetic rubber blends that we develop. In the unlikely event of any issues the material is easily repaired with the kit supplied with all our boats.

WE BELIEVE IN OUR PRODUCT, WITH ALMOST 70 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. The experience and knowledge we have collected over the years has helped us to produce comfortable, stable and easily packed boats. Our own research allows us to carry out developments to improve materials and boat performance.

WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK. We will support you throughout the life of your boat with any after service needs. Our boats are designed and built to last a long time, so to support this we continue to offer spare parts for superseded and discontinued models. We know the boats inside and out – from material development through to final product testing. Everything takes place under one roof and with a high proportion of handmade components.